Cairns 2 Kuranda Train Race

The most spectacular train race in the world…

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The race starts adjacent to the Freshwater Station on Lower Freshwater Road, Kamerunga, Cairns, in sunny North Queensland. Leaving the train to begin it’s 31km winding journey through tunnels and rainforest to the tablelands town of Kuranda, runners follow Lower Freshwater Road through the sugar cane fields.
At 2.5km, runners turn right entering a grassed area on the banks of the mighty Barron River in the Kamerunga Conservation Park. Heading up stream on the pathway at 3km the track passes under the Kamerunga Bridge and the lowest point of the run, just above sea level. Shortly after the pathway joins the small roundabout on Stoney Creek Road. Here the runners enjoy several hundred metres of flat road running, before a rollercoaster climb into Stoney Creek and the end of the first relay leg (5km).

At the relay change over and drink station, runners enter the Barron Gorge National Park. Immediately after crossing Stoney Creek via an old bridge you turn right onto the Douglas Track and the serious climb begins. For the next 3km runners are on steep single track, in dense tropical rainforest, which has slippery tree roots and rocks to test the most seasoned trail runner. It is important to remember to give way to other track users, as we don’t have sole use of this wonderful park. Towards the top a steel bridge is reached and you must cross the rail track here.

With a bit more climbing on a narrow switch back track through a grassed area the junction with McDonalds Track and the next drink station is reached. Take the time to observe the stunning view over Cairns and the Coral Sea. From here runners follow the Barron Gorge on an undulating 4WD track passing through the 400m point in elevation three times. Another drink station is reached just before the drop into Surprise Creek which is crossed on a steel bridge at 11km. This marks the beginning of the last major climb of the day, and runners enter an area of casuarina and cypress forest.
Wright’s Lookout, marks the final relay change over and another drink station at the 13km point. Runners follow the shaded and sealed Barron Gorge Road. At 16km opposite the Rob Veivers Drive Environmental Park (Jum Rum), you will be directed onto the footpath, and shortly after another drink station runners turn right onto a paved bush track which descends to the banks of the Barron River, passing underneath the rail tracks. From here it’s a flat run through a stand of Melaleuca trees to the finish line, just below the Kuranda Station, and just maybe you have beaten the train.